Integrated Marketing Group is a global company dedicated to bringing its customers the products their industries demand.  Integrated Marketing Group quickly became known in its first decade for its dedication to competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.  Over the last thirty years, IMG has been led by innovative leaders with a strong vision for the company into its current era, and has come to stand for both quality and value; its reputation as a valuable resource for manufacturing, insulation, and welding needs has made it the go-to name for high quality, low prices, and unsurpassable customer service.

IMG’s unique and detailed process fully integrates the production and sale of our products, from weaving to compounding to coating to customization.  IMG also generously funds and maintains four state-of-the-art warehouses across the nation, placed strategically in key geographical regions for optimal efficiency when it comes to creation and delivery of our customers’ orders.  IMG’s customers expect reliability, timeliness and competitive pricing; they also expect strength, versatility, and quality from the specialized products they order.  IMG prides itself on consistently meeting and surpassing these high expectations.

IMG is no stranger to the intense time constraints and industry stresses our customers face on a daily basis.  As such, IMG’s intelligent and devoted sales team is focused on understanding the particular needs of our customers’ businesses, and taking care of each interaction and sale with this targeted specificity.  Hand-picked by IMG, our sales team keeps our customers’ priorities in mind, maintaining unmatched attention to detail and efficiency in every order and ensuring that each one is personally cared for and surveyed multiple times to guarantee both perfection in its execution as well as accuracy in order and quantity.  Our sales team also keeps itself highly informed on present product options and those in the pipeline, so as to make experiences both current and future run as smoothly as possible and to meet our customers’ needs with the best products to date. 

IMG has a fully vested interest in providing the types of services which cannot be found anywhere else.  It also has a long history of taking care of its customers, always going the extra mile to ensure that each product delivery makes it out on time, and that customers are consistently receiving all shipments in an efficient and timely manner.  Decades – over thirty years, in fact – of making timely delivery have made IMG an industry expert you can rely on.