Engineered Solutions

Integrated Marketing Group is committed to producing the highest and most consistent quality products.  We are ISO certified and the only company in our industry to be totally vertically integrated in our manufacturing process.  From weaving, coating and compounding, we process our materials from start to finish. We do it all.  Roll goods are the mainstay, but in addition we have the capacity to fabricate welding blankets, gloves and other specialty items.

Consult our specialists for recommendations of specific products, innovative solutions to engineering problems or any other needs you may have.  Our mission is to help you solve problems.


  • Heat Cleaned - Partial heat cleaning that removes most organic compounds, ties down loose fibers and optimizes the materials for use with coatings and adhesives.
  • Aluminized - Provides a barrier to liquids such as water and oil and is recommended for use in applications requiring heat reflectivity.
  • Acrylic - Coating increases resistance to abrasion, chemicals, moisture and oil.
  • Silicone - High temperature (500 degrees) coating that provides water and oil resistance.
  • PTFE - High temperature (600 degrees) coating that provides water and oil resistance and also a high resistance to most chemicals.
  • Vermiculite - Coating increases temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and adds stability to fabric.

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