Insulation Mats

Integrated Marketing Group’s 1200MAT is mechanically bonded to provide superior insulating properties up to 1200°F.  We produce our 1200MAT in various densities ranging from six pounds per cubic foot to twelve pounds per cubic foot.  Its high temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity makes it ideal for thermal protection and sound reduction applications.  1200MAT is ideal for manufacturing removable pads and appliance applications.  It has excellent vibration and corrosion resistance.  It meets MIL-I-16411F, MIL-I-24244C and USCG 164.009.  IMG’s HR MAT is manufactured with high performance glass fibers, and is able to withstand temperatures up to 1550°F.  Our Basalt Mat is a superb alternative to ceramic fiber, and can be used at temperatures up to 1800°F for extended periods of time.  Integrated Marketing Group’s 1800 Carbon Mat is a black carbonized fabric that is soft, lightweight, and has excellent flexibility.  With a service temperature of 1800°F, it is ideal for applications where it is critical to contain sparks, spatter, and slag.

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