1700RS Red Silicone Fabric

Integrated Marketing Group style 1700RS is a specialized fiberglass fabric made with a unique satin weave. This fabric is of the highest grade, featuring a special red silicone coating that can resist the high temperatures your industry demands. This one-of-a-kind coating is also water and oil resistant, flame retardant and chemical resistant. Having been tested and meeting NFPA 701, Test 1, this strong fabric works well for all sorts of wide-ranging uses, including welding curtains, expansion joints, equipment covers, flange covers and removable insulation pads. FM APPROVED


Download 1700RS Data Sheet

Download 1700RS SDS Sheet

  • Specialized fiberglass fabric
  • Special red silicone coating
  • Water and oil resistant, flame retardant and chemical resistant
  • Tested and meets NFPA 701, Test 1 standards

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