3500t White Fiberglass Fabric

Integrated Marketing Group style 3500 is an industry-strength heavyweight fiberglass fabric, made with a plain weave. This versatile fabric is available in two high-quality finishes: loom state, or a very light clear acrylic coating. The uniquely-designed light acrylic coating is applied in order to reduce raveling and fraying of cut edges. This powerful fabric was specially designed for use in areas where a heavyweight fabric with high heat resistance is required. FM APPROVED

Weight:35 oz/sy (1186.7 g/sm) +/- 10%
Thickness:0.056 inches (1.422 mm) +/- 10%
Tensile Strength - Wrap/Fill:Warp: 325 lbs./inch (58.0 kg/cm) Fill: 250 lbs./inch (44.6 kg/cm)
Temprature Resistance:Loom state – 1000 ̊F (537.8 ̊C) Clear acrylic coating - 300 ̊F (148.9 ̊C)
  • Industry-strength heavyweight fiberglass fabric
  • Loom state, or a very light clear acrylic coating
  • Reduce raveling and fraying of cut edges

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